Hearings likely on CPA exam bill

Written on May 01, 2020

OSCPA staff report

Hearings on House Bill 442 are expected to begin in the New Year after the bill last week was referred to the Ohio House Commerce and Labor Committee.

The OSCPA-supported bill would allow Ohio CPA candidates could choose to sit for the CPA exam after the completion of a bachelor’s degree or its 120-hour equivalent – as already permitted in 37 states.

It’s important to note that under the bill, 150 hours of college education and one year of work experience would still be required to obtain the CPA license to ensure these individuals could continue to qualify under interstate mobility laws.

Ohio now requires that a candidate be within 90 days of completing 150 hours of college education before being eligible to take the CPA exam. In contrast, most other states and Washington, D.C. already have a lower threshold of 120 hours of education or a bachelor’s degree to be eligible.

OSCPA began studying its long-term advocacy position on 150 hours for the exam in 2017 based upon feedback from employer visits and member forums. A task force including representatives from employers and the academic community conducted an initial review, and the concepts were then exposed to the membership in subsequent Advance programs.

Following member exposure, OSCPA’s Young CPA Advisory Board developed a position paper which was presented to OSCPA’s Executive Board in September to support such a change in Ohio law. The Society’s Executive Board voted to support the legislation’s passage with members of the Ohio General Assembly.

OSCPA members can help!

OSCPA members: Tell your representatives why HB442 is needed! We’ll help you by providing your legislators’ contact information, talking points, and guidance on how best to get your message out. Contact your government relations team now for more information.

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