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Governor approves tax expenditure review committee

Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 by Gary Hunt

OSCPA staff report

Gov. Kasich on Dec. 19 signed House Bill 9, which will create a tax expenditure review committee to periodically review existing and proposed tax expenditures.

OSCPA has been a leader at promoting HB 9 and other legislation seeking greater transparency, accountability and efficiency at all levels of government.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Terry Boose, R-Norwalk, was approved Dec. 8 by the legislature in a flurry of action before lawmakers adjourned sine die. It will go into effect March 19.

The law is a part of OSCPA’s effort for sensible tax policy that continued last year, when Tom Zaino, CPA, JD, then chair-elect of OSCPA Executive Board, testified on tax expenditures. Reviewing tax expenditures was also a major theme throughout the Ohio Society’s Tax Reform Task Force report.

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