Ohio Business Gateway Q&As

Here are the most commonly asked questions so far from users of the modernized Ohio Business Gateway, as provided by the Gateway Modernization Project Organizational Change Management Team:

How do I log in to the modernized gateway?

If you have used the gateway in the past, the first time you log in, use the username and password you have always used to access the gateway. You will then create an OH|ID account as part of the one-time modernized gateway registration process. You will use this new username and password to log in to the gateway from now on.

View this video for step-by-step instructions on how existing gateway users log in to the modernized gateway for the first time.

If you have never used the gateway and do not have an existing gateway account, follow the instructions in this video to get started.

How do I add service areas or transactions to a business account?

This process has changed. Filing administrators now must visit the Account Access Management page (by clicking on the “lock” icon in the gateway) and move the appropriate service areas from the Available Service Areas column to the Authorized Service Areas column in the Service Areas tab. Then, filing administrators navigate to the Transaction Types tab and perform the same action for the appropriate transactions. The final step is navigating to the User Authorization tab to set the correct permissions for users to access the newly added transactions.

Watch this video tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to complete this process. You can find additional information within the gateway by typing keywords into the search bar.

How do other users gain access to my or my client’s business account?

With the gateway’s integration with the State of Ohio’s new identity management system, OH|ID, each gateway user is now required to create an OH|ID that represents them as an individual. After logging in to the gateway with their individual OH|ID username and password, a user requests access to a business account by clicking the “Request Business Access” hyperlink on the left-hand side of the Business Dashboard. The business account’s filing administrator is then responsible for approving that user’s access request, as well as determining the filing role they should have on the business account and their transaction permissions.

This video tutorial provides additional details on how users complete this process. You can find additional information within the gateway by typing keywords into the gateway’s search bar.

How do I view transaction history for a business account?

Generally, a business account’s transaction history can be viewed by navigating to the History tab on the Business Dashboard. However, to view a business account’s converted history from the previous gateway, you should click on the “Click to see more history” button near the bottom of the History tab. The previous transaction history for the business account will then appear.

Where do I go for help using the modernized gateway?

If you are having trouble logging in to the gateway, visit the Learn How to Get Started page on gateway.ohio.gov. If the information on this page does not address your issue, you can create a help case by clicking the “Help” link on gateway.ohio.gov to be taken to the Contact Us page.

Once you are logged into the gateway, type keywords in to the search bar in the upper right-hand corner to locate hundreds of step-by-step instructions, guides and information about how to complete administrative tasks and specific filings.

Another way to locate additional resources in the gateway is to click the “?” icon in the top right corner to open the gateway’s help center. The help center will display articles, tutorials and other materials related to the page you are viewing. You can also open the help center to begin a screen sharing session if you are on the phone with a gateway help desk agent.

Additionally, if you are unable to locate resources to resolve your issue, you can open the help center to create a help case. After creating a help case, you will receive email communications from the gateway help desk, and you can also track the status of the help case by clicking on the Cases tab on your Business Dashboard. Please note that not all help cases will receive a phone call response unless specifically requested or required to resolve your issue. When the gateway help desk thinks your issue has been addressed, the status of the help case will be marked as “Resolved.” If you require additional assistance, simply re-open the help case and the gateway help desk will be notified.

If you prefer to call the gateway help desk for assistance, they can be reached at 866.OHIO.GOV (644.6468).

Be on the lookout for more gateway FAQs in future editions of CPA Takeaways. FAQs can also be found on the gateway’s Learn How to Get Started page.

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