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Accounting show recap: Tech, talk and trust

Written on May 1, 2020

By Abigail Draper, OSCPA communication & engagement manager

The 2019 fall accounting show series has concluded, leaving attendees well-versed on topics ranging from tax compliance to collaboration and relationship building.

While some speakers presented at Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus, people and topics change to tailor every show to its location and audience interests. And nobody can experience every session, so here are some of the major takeaways:



  • This accounting show season, OSCPA partnered with Boomer Consulting and Jon Hubbard, director of business development at Boomer, taught members about the four pillars of workplace collaboration: trust, communication, shared vision and accountability.
  • Tiffany Crosby, CPA, MBA, CTP, CGMA, OSCPA director of learning, spoke about engaging in conversations that matter. Crosby discussed how to diffuse a heated conversation, decide on a resolution that works for all parties and the importance of active listening.

Firm Management

  • Ron Baker, CPA spoke on the importance of adopting value pricing to build trust and lasting relationships with clients.
  • Reginald Lee, PhD, talked about using strategic cost transformation to focus on the needs of a business instead of only on making profit.

OSCPA’s accounting shows are not only for updates in taxes and auditing, but for learning about the business world in general, how new technology will impact your career and others and how to create a better work environment.

Keep a lookout in the coming months for dates for the 2020 accounting shows and other great upcoming learning events!

PHOTO: Chris Ortega, director of finance at Emarsys, fascinated accounting show attendees with a discussion on how artificial intelligence will impact finance.