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Election tops September list of most read stories

Written on May 1, 2020

As we head into mid-term election season, the top story for September, fittingly, was OSCPA’s Senate and Secretary of State endorsements. Other top contenders were Ohio’s top colleges, an Executive Board member’s personal story and firm registration renewal. Here are the top 10:

10. Professional Primer: How to negotiate salary at every level

9. The journey from new CPA to business owner

8. New document upload requirement for firm registration renewal

7. The conference swag you actually want

6. From the farm to the Executive Board: CPA shares inspirational story

5. Think twice before you ignore GDPR

4. Carefully consider your options before committing to CPA-retired status

3. Ohio colleges make list of top accounting programs

2. ODT updates Ohio’s income tax residency information

1. OSCPA announces endorsements for Senate, Secretary of State