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PODCAST: Incorporate D+I into the fabric of your business

Written on May 1, 2020

By Abigail Draper, OSCPA communication & engagement manager

One key to leading a successful business is avoiding comfort by working with a diverse group of people who challenge the way you think, said LaFern Batie, CEO and strategist at The Batie Group.

“Comfort is a place of stagnation. I know that as a leader, if I'm stagnant, eventually my effectiveness will die and the business will die,” Batie said. “So, I want to hire people who keep challenging how I think. I look at different age ranges, industries, geographical areas, and that's how we built our team.”

Batie said the only thing her employees must have in common is a passion for the core values of the business.

She joined us on The State of Business podcast to discuss diversity and inclusion (D+I) in the workplace and her sessions at OSCPA’s upcoming Crossing Bridges Summit.

Batie said she designed her sessions for the D+I summit around case studies, and she will invite attendees to bring their own D+I business challenges to work through them as a group.

“In my sessions, I want to bring real life examples from generational to technological to experiential differences that show what it looks like when you are leading from the space where D+I is just a natural consideration in your business,” Batie said.

She said she hopes attendees will bring an open mind and willingness to have honest conversations. The goal is for them to realize that “it's not just about race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation – the labels that we put on diversity and inclusion, and they are also important – but it is because of who a person is in those spaces that helps shape their values, the way they think and the experience they bring.”

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