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PODCAST: The impact personal branding can make in your career

Written on May 1, 2020

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager

You might think doing good, consistent work is all it takes to give you a good reputation. That’s where, according to one CPA, you’d be wrong.

KaiserL“When people first started talking about personal branding about 10 years ago, I really thought it was a hokey concept,” said Lori Kaiser, CPA and CEO of Kaiser Consulting on the latest episode of The State of Business podcast. “Why do people need a personal brand, don't you just show up at work and do your best job and then that's it? But that was kind of an old-school attitude.”

Kaiser spoke in June at OSCPA’s Women, Wealth and Wellness Conference about personal branding, and she explained how it can create a domino effect in your career: When people know your brand and associate you with certain things, they’re more likely to reach out later when related opportunities arise. If they don’t know your brand, they would never make the connection in the first place.

So, what does taking control of your personal brand look like? First, think like a superhero about your ordinary superpowers. Kaiser referenced these from the book Ordinary Superpowers: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Most Natural Talents Paperback by Mark Henson.

“These are the things that enable you to contribute at your highest levels, help the most people and experience the most fulfillment in your life,” she said. “A test of what an ordinary superpower is: does it come naturally to you? Do most people have this power?”

Recognizing those ordinary superpowers will be key to building a brand that feels authentic and unique to you, an important part of the process since others will be able to spot if you come across as insincere.

And like Kaiser mentioned in the beginning of her talk, she didn’t always believe in the power of personal branding. It was a concept she had to become more comfortable with over time, and eventually embraced to advance her career and her business.

“We live in a world of social media and constant messaging,” she said. “Everybody has a brand. And you need to decide if you want to control the messaging on your brand or let someone else do it for you.”

Listen to the podcast episode and learn more about personal branding.