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Written on May 01, 2020

The new NAFTA: 5 things to know
Here are five things to know about revisions to the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement.

By 2050, many 'fundamental assumptions' about the business world will change: UN program head
Engaging in more sustainable solutions is a necessity — not just a corporate responsibility — if businesses want to continue operating in the future, says United Nations Development Program's administrator Achim Steiner.

To grow your business abroad, partner with local influencers
The rise of social media has created a new type of partner: local digital influencers with loyal followings of online fans. They already have the trust of thousands, if not millions, of your target customers. So why not weave your brand into their story, rather than telling yours from scratch?

What’s a service business? That’s now a multibillion-dollar tax question
Companies with a 20% cut on the line ask IRS to loosen rules for how much services they can provide before losing eligibility.

Tech Corner - What's the password? Play some music and log in via brainwaves
Researchers at California State Polytechnic University are turning science-fiction into reality with music-based technology that logs you into sensitive programs by examining brainwave patterns. And it won't work if you're under duress.

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