Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services

Business Continuity Solution starting at $445/month for OSCPA members.

Agility-logo-vert-w-tagFor over 25 years, Agility has physically rescued thousands of businesses after disasters, of any size, and has never failed. Disaster recovery is not just about your data, it’s about your overall operations — it’s about your people.

CPAs are among the most trusted and relied-upon advisors in business today. Individuals, organizations, and communities put their futures in your hands on a daily basis. It’s vital to have an actionable business continuity program, an effective solution, to address what would happen if your critical business functions were compromised due to a natural, or day-to-day, disaster. 

Whether it's a major natural disaster, a fire, a water leak, a client or prospect requiring a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, or any of the thousand events that could affect your day-to-day operations—once disaster strikes, your business has a 55% chance of never reopening. Agility will be there to keep you operational and help return your firm to Business as Usual.

Agility will deliver any, or all, of the four key elements of business continuity to get your business up and running with a cost-effective membership program:

SPACE: Class A office space with comfortable work stations
POWER: Emergency generators, cabling, connections, electricians, and fuel
COMMUNICATION: Telephone and Internet access via satellite
COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Computers, servers, tape drives, printers, fax, etc.

Formerly a division of General Electric, Agility has over 25 years of experience rescuing organizations in all industries, location, size, and still has a 100% success rate.
Agility knows that disaster recovery and business continuity can seem confusing. Fortunately, straight forward answers are only a click away

Library and Resources
View a library of videos from real people who were struck by disaster and how Agility helped them get back on their feet. START HERE.

Expect the Unexpected: Isolated Incidents

Special member pricing
As an OSCPA Affinity Partner, Agility Recovery offers special pricing to OSCPA members. Agility’s business continuity solution starts at just $445 a month. That’s a 10% discount off the retail rate! 

Members of The Ohio Society of CPAs interested in learning more about Agility’s ReadySuite solution can contact Trevor Mickelson at Trevor.Mickelson@AgilityRecovery.com, or (877) 465-9516, ext. 4531.

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