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The Ohio Society and Wolters Kluwer, CCH are offering members preferred pricing on all tax and accounting books including:

  • Federal and State Tax
  • Tax Prep
  • Business Taxation
  • Accounting & Audit
  • Estate Planning and much more!

Cannabis Taxation: Federal and State Tax Guidebook - List Price: $50.00

  • Addresses both federal and state tax guidance on the taxation of marijuana, cannabis, or related products.
  • Provides an overview of federal taxation policies related to cannabis, specifically Code Sec. 280E and any issues therein related. 
  • State-by-state survey of how marijuana or cannabis is taxed and how manufacturers, distributors and retailers of cannabis are taxed differently.

Disaster Tax Relief: Hurricane Relief Legislation and Related Tax Provisions – List Price: $89.00

  • Addresses both federal and state tax guidance on provisions for disaster tax relief, and weather-related or naturally caused losses in general.
  • Covers both immediate relief related to 2017 hurricanes and wildfires as well as longstanding relief. 
  • Title V of the Disaster Relief and Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2017 (P.L. 115-63), which allowed for specific relief from limitations on retirement plan withdrawals, charitable contributions, and other assorted federal tax provisions. 
  • Administrative guidance released by the IRS as well as state departments of revenue allowing for delays in filing certain returns, abatement of penalties, and temporary elimination of certain taxes. 
  • Addresses provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and state revenue laws relating to the requirements for claiming casualty losses, the exceptions from casualty loss requirements attributable to disaster losses, involuntary conversions, farming net operating losses, and any other type of federal provision relating to weather-related losses. 
  • Includes value-adds such as client letters, election statements, and a table of declared disaster areas.

Law, Explanation, & Analysis (LEA) Book (List Price: $115.00), covering the landmark Tax Reform legislation and all other important 2017 tax legislation.

Oil and Gas: Federal Income Taxation (2018) only $153

The taxation of natural resources is one of the more complicated areas of the U.S. federal income tax system. This invaluable title reflects all recent developments, new legislation, regulations and case law changes impacting the oil and gas industry.
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Here are just some of the great benefits of eBooks:

  • Portable access to content
  • Time-saving search functionality
  • Easy navigation through linked TOCs and indexes
  • Bookmarking feature ensures your notes never get lost or misplaced

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