OSCPA member honored in class of 2019 YWCA Women of Achievement

Written on May 01, 2020

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager

OSCPA member Darci Congrove, CPA, has been honored as a YWCA 2019 Woman of Achievement for her more than 20 years of philanthropy work.

Darci_Congrove“It’s probably the most meaningful honor I’ve ever received,” Congrove said.

The YWCA is recognizing Congrove along with five other women leaders in central Ohio for making “extraordinary contributions to their families, workplaces and communities.” She said she’s been a longtime supporter of the YWCA, both by attending events and by volunteering at the YWCA family shelter.

“It’s a pretty big mission,” Congrove said. “The focus is on empowering women and eliminating racism, and we are in an environment today where the issues of gender and equality are being challenged on a regular basis. We know that the work the YWCA does at the family shelter is very important, because people living in poverty disproportionately impacts women and children.”

Congrove appreciates the focus on empowering women as the first woman in GBQ’s history to hold the firm’s managing director position.

“We cannot retain women in the profession if they can’t see that there’s an opportunity for them to get ahead,” Congrove said. “You have to see it to be it. The math just doesn’t work to have enough people to fill the needs in the market if we don’t engage women.”

Congrove also is actively involved with other philanthropic organizations. She’s the chair of the Women’s Leadership Council of the United Way, chair of the Workforce Committee of the Columbus Chamber, on the board of the Columbus Franklin County Finance Authorities and is involved with the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio.

A formal induction ceremony for the YWCA honorees will be held April 3 in Columbus. With the number of organizations that need volunteers, Congrove encouraged others to consider issues they care about and seek ways to get involved.

“You’ve got to find something that is of personal interest and then just raise your hand,” she said. “All of the things I started working on I volunteered in some capacity and was invited to do more. But I think it’s impossible really to do a great job if it’s not something that is your passion.”

Darci Congrove, CPA, will speak June 27 on the “How to Grow Your Network” panel at OSCPA’s new Women, Wealth & Wellness Conference in Columbus. Learn more.

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