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Written on May 1, 2020

What to know about access level agreements
By now you’ve all been urged in some capacity to move towards more advisory-based services, given the advent of automation and evolving business needs. This has of course made it more challenging to charge by the hour. So how do you price?

Your two cents are invaluable
The AICPA is asking for feedback from valuation specialists, preparers, auditors, financial statement users and other interested parties on a working draft of inventory valuation guidance that will be included in a broader forthcoming release of the AICPA’s Business Combinations Accounting and Valuation Guide. Submit your comments by May 1.

FASB updates
FASB has updated the following project summaries on its website:

Extending private company accounting alternatives on certain identifiable intangible assets and goodwill to NFP entities

Financial performance reporting-disaggregation of performance information