Succession Planning Resources

Succession planning can be as much fun as picking out new tires for your car. But it's important. The sooner you start planning for transition, the more value will be retained in the firm or business. Here are some resources to help you successfully navigate the process.

OSCPA Spotlight Video Series

OSCPA's Gary Hunt sat down with Gary Adamson, CPA of Adamson Advisory, a CPA practice management consulting firm for a multi-part series on what CPAs need to know about succession planning.

Strong Bench, Smooth Succession

We spoke with succession planning guru Gary Adamson, CPA about the importance of building a solid "bench" at your company. Find out what that means and how to get started.

CPAs and the Retirement Boom

Baby boomers are just starting to reach retirement age in huge numbers. We discuss the implications of that for CPAs with Gary Adamson, CPA of Adamson Advisory, a CPA practice management consulting firm.

Young CPAs and Succession Opportunity

Most succession planning talk is tailored toward CPAs approaching retirement. But Gary Adamson, CPA of CPA practice management consulting firm Adamson Advisory, has some ideas for young CPAs on how they might benefit when practices are in transition.

Innovative Deal Eases Succession

There is a new type of transition plan CPAs approaching retirement should know about: The two stage deal. Gary Adamson, CPA of a practice management consulting firm, discusses how such a deal can make executing a succession plan an easier process for both sole practitioners and acquiring firms.

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Additional Resources

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OSCPA members have access to exclusive CPE and consulting opportunities from the Succession Institute. This partnership provides small firms with an affordable and effective solution for succession planning and practice management resources.

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