Taxpayer Resources

Tax time can be hairy. Avoid headaches and file on time with resources from The Ohio Society of CPAs.

Why hire a CPA?

Taxes are complicated. Endless forms, line items, deductions … it can be hard to see the big financial picture when you are overwhelmed by details. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are highly qualified tax advisors. They don’t just prepare your returns — they work hand in hand with clients to build a tax strategy that saves you money.


Videos for taxpayers

The tax code changes like the weather in Ohio. Get the tips you need to maximize your return. Check out the videos below with easy tips for individuals and businesses.

Top 10 tax tips for individuals

It’s tax time, which can unfortunately equal stress time for many Americans. While the tax code can seem complicated and overwhelming, Scott Eichar, CPA, CFP, tax manager, GBQ Partners LLC is here to help you maximize your tax saving opportunities with tax tips for individual filers.

Top 10 tax tips for the self employed

You took the risk of launching your own your business and hopefully are well on your way to making your dreams come true. Unfortunately, your tax situation is likely to be more complicated as a self-employed person. Nicole Dulle, CPA, tax manager, GBQ Partners LLC is here to offer you a few tips to make filing your taxes headache free.